In Podtown, we have created a business model where sustainability is one of our most central focus areas. Through responsible and sustainable choices, we will contribute to the global effort around the UN's 17 sustainability goals.

We have identified sustainability goals number 11, 12 and 13 as most relevant to our company and work.


We contribute to sustainable development by providing society with space-efficient and energy-efficient solutions for office and residential purposes.

With reconditioned shipping containers as a framework, our stand-alone and modular solutions require very little new resource use and as much as 70% of the building stock is made from recycled material.

A flexible structure and a shorter construction process mean that Podtown's solutions leave a smaller climate footprint since fewer building materials are needed and both the heating needs and water consumption by the end user go down.

Our free-standing and mobile units look after vulnerable nature and the environment and leave a minimal footprint.

We offer our end users green alternatives and measures in the form of innovative ventilation systems with a healthy indoor climate, energy-collecting solar panels and carbon-negative facades.

Podtown's aim is that all our partnerships and collaborations with customers, suppliers and public authorities should be sustainable and that together we contribute to a reduction in climate emissions.

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