About Flexipod

About Flexipod

FLEXIPOD - the off grid solutions for expeditionary operations.

  • Deployable and adaptable
  • Robust and resilient
  • Secure and sustainable

Flexipod are a rapid deployable and robust solutions for military and disaster relief. Commisioned first for Special Forces, designed to deliver in the most austere and in hospitable of operational environments.

The solutons deliver sustainable off grid solutions reducing logistic and support dependencies through provision of integrated power and utilities.

Flexipod is adaptable and reconfigurable with options ranging from accomodation and control centre.


  • Rapid deployable and adaptable with fully integrated infrastructure
  • Off-grid, self supporting battery system for immediate operations
  • Space efficient solutions with privacy and comfort
  • Resilient and configurable interior
  • Secure and robust for a long lasting lifespan

We are committed to engineering excellence and honoured to support the British and Norwegian Army with Flexipod solutions.

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